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About Layla k: The Digital DOLL

Layla k., affectionally known as “The Digital Doll” began her fashion career in the late 90’s as a couture fashion designer. She has since expanded her talents to many parts of the industry including marketing, creative direction, photography, merchandise buying, graphic design, web development, editorial writing, fashion show production, brand styling, fashion PR and more! She has been in the marketing business for over 15 years and especially loves social media.

Nicknamed, "MISS VIRAL" by her colleagues, Layla k. spends her days as a professional digital and social marketer, spending millions of dollars in ad budget for luxury automotive brands and clients on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Yet her own personal Instagram and Facebook pages boast millions in organic reach every month. In addition to offering a collection of digital products, webinars and motivational planners that teach fashion and female entrepreneurs how to grow and market their businesses online, she also owns a niche fashion business directory, digital magazine, and manages fashion brands and influencers under her creative agency, Madison + Harlow.

xoxo Layla K
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